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Justyna Piruta Golenda


I graduated from the Technological University of Gdańsk (Politechnika Gdańska) in the Faculty of Architecture.


I have more than 15 years of experience in managing technical projects as project manager/ director working in several international companies such as: Mango, Marionnaud Parfumerie and Fagor Industrial. I have supervised architecture projects in several countries like: UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Poland.


In my professional career Alicja Rospond an architect from Gdansk has played an important role. She has shown me how buildings were designed in the past in perfect harmony with nature. Nowadays, this tradition can be perfectly combined with modern technologies in construction so that, people can benefit from it.


I received the title of "Master in Bioconstruction IBN-IEB”at the University of Lleida on behalf of the Institute IEB/IBN (Instituto Español de Baubiologie in Spain, Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit in Germany).


I am an active member of the health and architecture working group at COAC (Official College of Architects of Catalonia) in Barcelona, which promotes green building and focuses on human health in space.


I am also a member of the group of professional bioconstruction advisors at the IEB (Spanish Institute of Baubiologie) in Spain.

My mission

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Currently, I work as an architect-consultant, and I advise on projects on how to shape the space so that people who use it can feel comfortable and healthier.

I study the impact of spaces on human well-being and indicate what changes would be beneficial for them.


I analyze location, environment, geopathic stress, shapes in existing space, materials used for construction and finishing, their textures and colors, and vegetation in contact with people.


My mission is to create beautiful and healthy spaces for people. I am convinced that a well-designed environment, whether at home or at work, contributes to human development and helps you achieve personal and professional goals.

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