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Architect-consultant of healthy spaces

Source of well-being and harmony 

"Healthy human in healthy space"


Basic evaluation of housing / house to buy or rent

Basic evaluation of land


Study of geopathies, electromagnetic fields and biotic quality in existing or projected spaces. 


Advice on new building or refurbishment based on the 25 bioconstruction guidelines according to the IBN institute ((Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit) among others.


If you want to know more, I invite you to contact me for a first visit that consists of general guidelines and evaluation of your project.

ThI can work online. I speak English, Spanish, Catalan, Russian and Polish.



Ewa : “Justyna, contact with you changed my vision of space, you enhanced the individual, the human being, in my mind; Until now I have thought that space should only be beautiful and practical, and it is not. A lot of designers I've worked with generally just looked at the space being pretty. And now I think there is a great wisdom in your approach: that the being should feel good, be healthy, comfortable and welcomed.

The flower in the room yesterday is a sign of a change in my mind, I had never had a flower in my room and yesterday I felt that I wanted it, because I feel good with it here. Thank you for showing me a different perspective.”

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